I’m not even sure I can put into words how much Bob and Penny mean to me and to Cole. Cole and I moved up here from North Carolina just a few months ago. I knew I would be working long hours and that finding someone to let Cole out during the day was a must. Cole is really skittish around people he doesn’t know, especially when I’m not around to “protect” him so I was very nervous about him being terrified of someone taking him away during the day. Bob, Penny, Kyla and Max all came over to meet us the night before I was to start my new job and Cole took to them right away- he could just tell how wonderful they were!

When playgroup started, Cole was pretty scared (can’t blame the little boy, being in a new home in a new city with people he didn’t really know taking him away while Mom was gone!) but Bob and Penny went above and beyond, doing everything they could to get him comfortable with them. They aren’t just about coming to pick your dog up, taking them to play and bringing them home—they want each dog to look forward to their day and have a blast at playgroup with all of their friends.

Bob would call to let me know how Cole was doing each day and kept me updated on his progress. Cole was a different dog after a couple of weeks—he was running around with all his new friends and loving life again, just like before we moved. I was so worried about him adjusting and not ever feeling like this was home. But it already is home to Cole and that’s because home, when I’m away at work, is with Penny and Bob. I can’t ask for anything more than that for my little boy.

Bob and Penny have been a God send! I was lucky enough to find them in a moment of desperation, when I was scheduled to go on a trip and my pet sitter backed out at the very last minute. Bob was quick to respond, understanding of my situation, and more accommodating than I could have ever expected.

To complicate matters even more, my dog, Buster, was extremely timid around new people and other dogs, and this was his first time staying with someone who he had not previously met. Bob kept me regularly updated on Buster’s progress while I was away, and by the end of his stay, Buster was having a blast in his playgroups, and acting like part of the family in Bob and Penny’s house.

Thrilled with his progress, I immediately enrolled Buster in weekly playgroups. Throughout my interactions with them, Bob and Penny have continuously impressed me with the service they provide. They are honest, reliable, and caring, both towards the pets they care for and their owners. Leaving Buster with them has given me greater freedom and peace of mind… and a healthier, happier pup.

Cameron loves Penny’s Pet Care. When we first adopted her, we hired a different company to take her out to playgroup. Even though she was supposed to be out for 2-3 hours, she was still bouncing off the walls when I got home. On top of that, she’d have various random people picking her up because their turnover rate was so high… and one time she wasn’t even picked up because her walker had quit that morning.

With Penny’s Pet Care, I know she’s in good hands; I trust Bob and Penny 110% and no longer have that anxious feeling I always had with the other group. And Cameron’s so tired at the end of the day she doesn’t even leave the couch when we get home from work. We couldn’t be happier.
Leah, Jeff and Cameron—Brookline

When we got our puppy, Bromley we started searching for dog walkers in the Brighton area. We were excited when we found Penny’s Pet Care because rather than just walking our dog for 20 minutes by herself, they offered 45-minute play groups where our dog would have a great opportunity for excerice and socialization with other dogs. Once we met Bob and Penny, we knew we had to have Bromley join in the fun!

Bromley is so excited to see Bob everyday when he comes to pick her up that she practically pulls him down the stairs and into the car. When play group is over, Bob can’t get her to leave the park or get out of his car once they get back to our place.

Not only is Bromley thrilled with Bob and Penny, but we are too! They are so flexible and accommodating with our hectic and busy schedule. They also take such good care of Bromley, we feel as if they treat her like she is one of their own dogs!

In addition to taking Bromley to playgroup, Bob and Penny are a valuable resource for answering any “dog” questions that we frequently have. Their flexibility, kindness, professionalism, and dependability have helped us to make the transition to being dog owners go as smoothly as possible.
Meri, Kevin, and Bromley—Brighton

It all began in the Fall. I was working nearly 12-hour days and my malteese and mutt, who was so puppy, were keeping me up all night. My puppy was eating all of my furniture. I was a mess! I got Penny and Bob’s number late on a Friday night and called them at 5pm nearly in tears begging for their help. They called me back within a half an hour and were at my house an hour later to meet my boyfriend, myself and our dogs. They sat with us getting to know us all for over half an hour, met us at the park they take the dogs to, and immediately added the dogs to their next weeks schedule. Our furniture and sleep had been saved!

Bob and Penny leave wonderful notes every day telling us how the girls time was and have recently begun posting pictures on facebook of them playing. We feel so lucky to have such loving and diligent people taking care of our most prized possesions!
Jen and Sean (and Zoe and Chanel)—Brighton

I was lucky enough to find Penny’s Pet Care shortly after getting Jackson. All 55 lbs of my Catahoula/Lab mix, loves Penny, Bob, and Kyla, and looks forward to meeting up with them every day. Every time I’ve been around to see him take off, he’s practically drooling to get out the door and meet up with his friends.

Jackson’s been going to two playgroups a day, which gets him out of the house for a good chunk of time, not only providing him with a full day, but giving my cats some quiet time as well! By the time I get home from work, he’s practically ready for bed, and more than happy to just lounge around. :)

I cannot say how happy I am that Penny and Bob, (truly dog lovers!) provide such a fantastic service where these pooches get to socialize and run around outdoors in their own little packs, expending so much doggy energy! They’re very flexible, easy to reach, and incredibly reasonably priced. Above all, they provide me with peace of mind that Jackson’s getting all the fun and attention he needs and deserves during the day.

We absolutely love Penny’s Pet Care. Our Springer Spaniel puppy, Mikey, has been with Penny’s since spring of 2009. He is a high energy dog and Bob is so good to him and patient with him. Mikey looks forward to Bob every day and even goes to the door to wait for him. It is the highlight of Mikey’s day when Bob arrives.

I highly recommend Penny’s. They love the dogs, you can tell. They even post pictures from the day at the park on Facebook. We are so happy with the service, and are so glad we found Penny’s!

With all the different companies out there that offer pet care it can be a little overwhelming trying to decide which is the best option for your pet! Believe me, I have worked with many companies that service the greater Boston area and Penny’s Pet Care is the company that rises above the rest when it comes to compassion, reliability, trust, and just plain fun for your dog!

I met Penny and Bob at the park that they go to a while back and after watching their groups have tons of fun running and playing fetch for periods of time that are even longer than what they advertise I knew that they were the right choice for my dogs when I took on a new job that had longer hours.

I really love the fact that I always know that my dogs had fun with them, not just because they are passed out on the couch for the night, but also because I can see photos from the day’s groups on their Facebook page. I highly recommend Penny’s Pet Care to anyone looking for a way to make sure that thier dog gets exercise and has loads of fun while they are at work!

My husband and I could not be any happier with Penny’s Pet Care. We have found Bob and Penny to be extremely reliable and flexible. They are always accommodating to my ever-changing schedule! They are also always easy to reach and quick to respond to any communication I have with them, whether it be email, text, or call.

As far as our dog, Bella is concerned, if she could speak English, I know she would say that she is OBSESSED with her playgroups! She gets so excited to see Bob or Penny when she’s picked up that sometimes she pees a little! I have also been at the park when Bob and Penny are there with their group of dogs, and they are wonderful with them. They are attentive and kind with every dog there, and there is certainly a wide variety.

I would HIGHLY recommend this company to anyone looking for a great service to socialize and exercise their dog in a safe and fun environment.
Megan, Chris and Bella (boxer)—Brighton

We can’t recommend Penny’s Pet Care enough. Bob and Penny treat our Franklin like one of their own, and we really feel like they have taken the time to get to know him. With the playgroups Bob and Penny offer, Franklin not only gets the exercise he needs, but also the opportunity to socialize with other dogs. We’ve seen his behavior improve since sending him out with Bob and Penny, and we definitely are grateful to come home after work to a tired, happy dog.
Kevin and Rebecca—Newton

Our golden retriever Killian has been going to Penny’s Pet Care for over 6 months, and we are both so happy with them! Bob, Penny, and Kyla treat Killian and any dog that goes to the group as their own. You can tell that they clearly love their job and it shows in the care they give to our dogs on a daily basis. Killian comes home from playgroup happy and tuckered out. Thanks so much!!

I could talk about how Toby waits by the window every day at 10 am in anticipation of going out with Bob, but I am sure others have talked about how much the dogs look forward to their outings. So I’ll mention two other things.

We had been told by Toby’s foster family (we adopted him) that he was aggressive with other dogs. But when I mentioned that to Bob, after he met Toby, he just said, well let’s try it out. And sure enough, Toby was not aggressive, he just wanted to play! Bob has great judgment about dogs. Toby’s been fine with the playgroup and we would never have known otherwise without Bob’s encouragement.

The other thing is that we had always boarded our animals when we went away, but someone had suggested we consider a pet sitter. This is how we met Bob. Toby was SO much happier being in his own house and going out with Bob daily (multiple times) than he ever was being boarded and in a cage, no matter how nice. Dogs love to be in their own home when their families are away—familiarity is comforting. Bob also took care of the rabbit and our house plants. He called us on location when Toby developed an eye problem due to allergy, and took Toby to the vet for us. He was truly acting as we would if we’d been here. We will never send Toby to a kennel again!

Bob is more like a kindergarten teacher for dogs than a dog walker. He knows all the dogs and can tell you about each one and their interactions with other dogs, with caring and affection. He and Penny provide a truly unique service, and they are responsible and really care about their charges. We cannot recommend them highly enough.

Buddy LOVES his playgroup. Every Tuesday and Thursday morning he begins to pace in anticipation of being picked up and joining his ‘pack’. The squeals of delight when he hears the car in front of the house are a good indication of just how happy and excited he is. Buddy gets a real workout – playing with other dogs, chasing balls, and just running around. He is comfortable with Bob and Penny, who also watch him when we are out of town. Dave and I feel that we are very lucky to have found such wonderful people to watch him!
Mary and Dave—Newton

Penny, Bob and Kyla are a second family to our dog Lucy. Lucy has been going to playgroups with Penny and Bob for the past 6 years and loves every minute of it! Penny’s Pet Care is always dependable, safe and caring. They treat Lucy like she is one of their own dogs, and Lucy looks forward to her daily pick up with a wagging tail and a smile. I would recommend Penny’s Pet Care to anyone who wants to make sure that their dog gets socialization, exercise and love during the day.
Nina—Boston, MA

I cannot say enough about Penny, Bob and Kyla! They are truly the most wonderful, caring people and are our dogs Sadie’s and Boomer’s second family! Sadie and Boomer attend playgroup two or more times a week and absolutely love it!

They have also pet sat for them and our cat Simi when we have had to go out of town. Penny and Bob are so trustworthy and reliable and it is so comforting to know that Sadie, Boomer and Simi are in such good hands. And you should see Sadie’s and Boomer’s faces when Penny, Bob or Kyla comes to the door—they are elated!! It makes me so happy seeing them so happy and excited to go play and see their many playgroup friends. I don’t know what we would do without Penny’s Pet Care!!
Shelby—Newton, MA

I’ve been participating in Penny and Bob’s playgroup for over 5 years, now, and I have to say, it’s been a wonderful experience. A mature, and of course, very distinguished dog like myself needs someone who understands my unique perspective and requirements. Luckily, I’ve made some good friends in the group who share my love of a good sniff and snooze.

My human’s schedule is erratic, to say the least; Penny and Bob have been most flexible when it comes to pick-ups, drop-offs, and letting me stay the night at their lovely home. I can usually wheedle an extra treat or two, or at least a good ear rub, out of Penny and Bob’s daughter, Kyla, who appreciates my older and wiser personality.

Oh, yes. My human appreciates Penny’s Pet Care even more than I do, if that’s at all possible.
Junior (and Yael)—Brighton, MA

Penny and Bob have been a lifesaver. My schedule varies and their flexibility is wonderful. My small dog believes she is the queen of the world and defends her territory fiercely. In spite of this, Penny and Bob have succeeded in winning her over. I would recommend them highly to anyone looking for excellent pet care.
Deb—Brighton, MA

Three years ago we were reluctant to get puppies because of our busy work schedule. We thought about it for a long time. Penny’s Pet Care is in our neighborhood and after speaking with Penny, we were confident that if we got puppies we could care for them. We got two puppies and within a few days we hired Penny’s Pet Care.

She came twice a day. The dogs were part of a playgroup. This socialized the puppies and got them out for exercise, and of course to empty small bladders.

The care our dogs have received is wonderful. When the dogs get picked up their tails are wagging vigorously. They really love to go with their playgroup.

Our dogs are three-year veterans of Penny’s Pet Care and each day they love going to their playgroup. The dogs are well exercised and for our Wheaten Terrier, who is high energy, this is necessary. Our other dog, a Chihuahua, is very happy to be with the playgroup as well.

Penny’s Pet Care has made it possible for our family to have puppies, now dogs, and it is nice not to have to worry about how our dogs are doing. They are doing GREAT every day due to Penny’s Pet Care.
Lisa—Brighton, MA

Our lab, Maggie, absolutely, unequivocally loved Penny’s Pet Care. She would hurry out the door and into Penny’s car as if to not want to waste a single minute of her time with Penny. We have no doubt that being with Penny was one of her most favorite things to do. She would always come home exhausted after a romp with all her best friends, and would wait by the door the next time we would say the magic words: “Maggie, Penny’s coming!” Maggie herself would recommend Penny’s Pet Care to all the doggies of the world.
Roberta—Wellesley, MA

I have 2 dogs. They have been well cared for by the dog service. Bob and Penny are professional, reliable and have never let me down. They even took the dogs last minute over a holiday! Penny’s Pet Care has been a lifesaver given my busy work schedule.
Nancy—Brighton, MA